Answer review – Setting suitable health and safety targets

Common mistakes

Go through your answer and see if you made any of these mistakes. If you did, think carefully about why you made them and how you can avoid making them again.

Not including suitable AND unsuitable things to comment on

For this question, there are just as many marks available for things about the action table that are unsuitable as there are for things that are suitable. However, answers often focus exclusively on suitable things, and there are no comments on unsuitable things (or vice versa), missing out on half the marks that would have been available.

Here’s a reminder of the question hint…

When responding to ‘comment on’ questions, it can be helpful to use the P.E.E. (Point, Evidence, Explanation) method as a framework for your response.

Additionally, when commenting on the suitability of an action list or any other topic, it can be beneficial to address both positive and negative aspects. For instance, discussing both suitable and unsuitable elements of the action list in question.

To further enhance your response, be sure to provide explanations for why you believe certain aspects are suitable or unsuitable. This is where you can earn additional marks by demonstrating your reasoning and critical thinking skills.

Both videos below feature this question. Watch them and use the information to reflect on your own answer.