Answer review – Prioritising health and safety issues

Common mistakes

Go through your answer and see if you made any of these mistakes. If you did, think carefully about why you made them and how you can avoid making them again.

Not a broad enough range of issues

OK, this one’s not a mistake as such, but examiners are restricted here with the marks they are allowed to award for each issue raised. For example, a mark would be awarded if a learner puts ‘maintenance of work equipment’ as an issue that needs to be discussed. But if the learner also puts ‘inspection of work equipment’ and/or ‘testing of work equipment’, further marks would not be awarded as they would all be regarded as the same issue.

This is a difficult one in terms of advising learners how to approach exam answers because there are other instances where examiners are allowed to give separate marks for closely related issues and award a separate mark for ‘maintenance’ and another for ‘inspection’.

Therefore, we think your best bet is to go ahead and list things separately anyway (marks cannot be deducted for duplication, so you have nothing to lose), but make sure that this does not prevent you from also covering a broad range of topics where necessary.

Here’s a reminder of the question hint…

You could leverage information from the other exam questions to help you answer this question. For instance:

  • Question 1 discusses legal compliance
  • Question 2 discusses negative H&S culture
  • Question 3 discusses H&S improvements
  • Question 4 discusses H&S monitoring
  • Question 6 discusses training recommendations
  • Question 7 discusses emergency procedures
  • Question 8 discusses H&S targets and objectives

The list above could get you off to a good start. What other issues are covered in the scenario that the committee must address?

Watch the video for additional help and guidance with this question.