Answer review – Training recommendations

Common mistakes

Go through your answer and see if you made any of these mistakes. If you did, think carefully about why you made them and how you can avoid making them again.

Not linking the training to the type of worker

The question uses the phrase ‘types of worker’, so ‘Health and safety awareness training for all staff’ wouldn’t gain a mark because it’s too generic. To get the mark, you must specify which type of worker.

Missing the prevention aspect of the question

The question uses the phrase ‘to make a repeat of the recent accident less likely’. Learners sometimes miss this aspect, and as a result, their answer includes things like ‘training in mental health’ that, while important, would not necessarily be as effective at preventing a repeat of the accident as other types of training that could have been suggested.

Here’s a reminder of the question hint…

It’s the phrase “types of workers” that you should pay close attention to with this question (it’s so important to really read the question carefully).

A recommended approach would be to start by identifying the various categories of workers, such as Directors, Managers, Shift Managers, Maintenance Engineers, and so on. Once you have a clear understanding of the different types of workers involved, you can then propose suitable training for each specific category. This approach will ensure that your response is tailored to the unique needs and responsibilities of each type of worker, based on their roles in the scenario.

Watch the video for more help with this question.

It features a different scenario, but the question is very similar.