Overview of a Pool Plant System

For the purposes of this course, we can consider the circulation system as everything the pool water flows through as it makes its journey from the pool to the plant room, and back to the pool again. Substances for disinfection, pH correction and coagulation are injected into the pool water as it travels through the circulation system.

Click on the ⓘ symbols for more info. on the various components of a typical pool plant system

Plant room components

Some of the images and diagrams you quite often come across in formal courses and textbooks depict the type of pool plant system that you would have in an ideal world. The real world of pool plant operations means that you might well need to get to grips with a treatment system that is old, possibly neglected and not always well-designed. The slides below show a series of photos of a swimming pool water treatment system for a hotel pool. Follow the slides along and see if they help you recognise and identify some of the equivalent components in your own plant room.

Plant room tour

The video below will take you through a system comprising 2 x full duty pumps and 3 x filters servicing a fairly large (875 cubic metre) deck-level pool. Don’t worry if it seems a bit confusing at first, your understanding of all these different functions and components will increase as you progress through this course and remember, you can come back and rewatch the video any time you like.

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