NEBOSH Scenarios

Here are some examples of scenarios used for the NEBOSH Certificate assessment. Use them to practice the skill of applying your health and safety knowledge to the situations described in the scenarios.

Hardware Store Scenario

You have recently moved to a new job. You are now responsible for health and safety at a large, busy retail store that is located on the outskirts of a large town served by good roads. The store sells do-it-yourself (DIY) and hardware goods, such as tools, equipment, and hazardous chemicals, to the local businesses…

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Waterfront Cinema Scenario

Waterfront Cinema is located on a busy leisure park and has eight projection screens. The Cinema’s workforce is made up of a manager, two team leaders and 20 other workers. Many of the workers are young people who work on a temporary contract during evenings and weekends. Waterfront Cinema was previously independently owned and run.…

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Scientific Research Organisation Scenario

A scientific research organisation employs 150 people, most of them are scientists or technicians. The remainder of the staff work in finance, human resources (HR), marketing and communications functions. Most of the senior leadership team and line managers are scientists. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) set the organisation up about 10 years ago and quickly…

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Cheese Maker Scenario

You are a shift supervisor working for an organisation that makes specialist cheeses.  The cheese is sold to workers and the public from a small on-site shop.  The cheese is also distributed and sold through independent retailers and a large supermarket chain.  The cheese manufacturing site where you work is in a small village, employs…

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Bakery Scenario

Following a serious and well publicised accident, you have been newly recruited as a Health and Safety Advisor at a bakery organisation. The organisation employs directors, shift managers, maintenance engineers and bakery workers. The organisation produces bread on a large scale using automated machinery. Ingredients aremixed together to make a dough. The dough is placed…

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