This page will give you advice on the best ways to change your website and computer to improve your access to the information contained.

Supported web browsers and accessibility settings 

Certain software used by Stockwell Safety are browser specific. Our Learning Management System should work correctly on the following web browsers – click on each link below for further information about how to enable accessibility features for each of these web browsers: 

Making your font size bigger 

You can change the text size in your browser by using the keyboard shortcut keys Ctrl+ (Control-Plus) to zoom in and Ctrl- (Control-Minus) to zoom out on Windows computers. On an Apple Mac you can use the Option-Command key instead of the Control key to do the same thing. 

Modifications can be made to make your screen more accessible. Built in to both Mac and PC there are Ease of Access or Accessibility tools in the operating system. 

Web browser plugins 

You can install plugins to help you to improve your web browsing experience.  

OpenDyslexic is a font that can make it easier for some people with dyslexia to read. You can install a plugin to display web page text in this font on some web browsers.