Outlet Dangers


The outlets of a swimming/spa pool can be extremely hazardous!

As well as leaving the pool via the surface water draw-off system, water is also leaving via the sumps (drains). In a traditional swimming pool, these outlets are usually located on the floor of the deep end and are covered with a square grill.

The video below provides a brief explanation of some of the hazards associated with pool outlets

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2 thoughts on “Outlet Dangers”

  1. I have taken knowledge test 4 over 15 times. Every time I get 7/8 questions correct. The only question I could be getting wrong is the one that requires plant room components be placed in the correct order including sample line out and sample line return. I am very confused as I have followed all diagrams of these components based on the diagrams included in this section and it still appears to be wrong. Is it possible that the diagrams are labeled or placed incorrectly? I have tried reordering these components in everyway possible according to the diagrams you have provided.

    • Hi Phil,
      Try putting the sample line return as the first component. Sometimes the sample line return doesn’t actually ‘return’ but is positioned such that sample line water goes to waste. However, for the purposes of this course, you are to assume that the sample line does return to the main system pipework. In this case, the sample line would typically return to the suction side of the system (not the delivery side).


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