Morals and money

Moral expectations of good standards of health and safety

Society exerts pressure through three overlapping and interacting spheres of influence: moral, legal and financial. This section outlines the moral and financial drivers for health and safety management. The legal framework for health and safety regulation is discussed at length in later elements.

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  1. hi

    regarding task 4 (scenario and task) when making moral arguments in a 10 point question in a nebosh open exam, would it be best to find 10 examples out of the scenario and link them to the company/management ignoring there moral duty of care for their employees or would that be to repetitive ? would you instead try and find 10 different points that don’t end up having the same outcome?

    if it would be better to find 10 different points how would you do this? as i feel like i could be going off topic and would be talking about a negative safety culture instead?

    thank you

    • Hi Kyle, In my view you can talk about a negative safety culture without going off topic. Frame it as an argument, e.g. the refusal by management to listen workers concerns has led to a negative safety culture, with workers reluctant to report near-misses, meaning the company is missing opportunities to make the necessary improvements and prevent further harm. See below for some brief ideas on moral arguments (not all directly related to the scenario).

      1. Employers owe a duty of care to those who could be affected by their business, including employees, contractors, visitors etc.
      2. Prevention of injuries, illnesses (inc. mental illness) caused by work
      3. Prevention of pain and suffering to others who could be affected, such as fellow employees, family and friends
      4. We should strive not to be one of the businesses contributing to the accident and ill health statistics (ref. HSE)
      5. The morale of the entire workforce can be negatively impacted by poor health and safety
      6. Our people come to work to provide for their family, not to be harmed by the work that they do
      7. Our people have shown loyalty to us through their hard work and deserve to have that loyalty returned by their employer looking after them
      8. Some of the hazards are so high risk as to potentially cause death, so a family will lose a father, husband, child etc.
      9. How would they (the management) feel if it was their loved ones who were being put at risk
      10. An accident at work could end someone’s career
      11. Could cause people to turn to drugs or alcohol as a result of absence from work
      12. We should be striving to contribute to a better society/community. H&S is a key part of that.
      13. We say that “H&S is our no. 1 priority” and that “our people are our greatest asset”, now let’s live by those promises
      14. Some of our activities affect members of the public, including children, who could be harmed through no fault of their own
      15. They (management) are in trusted positions of power and authority and should strive to live up to the expectations placed on them and lead by example
      16. Some of our people are going through difficult times, we should be trying to support them, not make their situation worse by risking an accident at work
      17. Better H&S = better business = better job security = happier employees = better communities
      18. While not intending to hurt people, we can be judged for what we DON’T do as well as what we do. Failure to act responsibly can and does hurt people.
      19. Prevention of harm is the right thing to do

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