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    Rachel Lambert

    Two questions, firstly, for the practical element I need to upload a video of me completing all the tasks. Is this one long video? or can I either upload separate videos (as long as I don’t pause or break within a task) or a single video with the tasks spliced together. I’m just thinking if it is one long video the file will be too large to upload.

    Secondly, I am operating an above ground pool 7x3m with a 0.75hp pump and 22inch filter, which gives the required turnover and filtration rate for its use as a private dog pool but will I be penalised for not having any large plant equipment within my videos? I will still be able to demonstrate all six tasks.



    Thank you for your message.

    They can be individual videos. For example, each water test can be a separate video.

    With regards to not having large equipment, as long as you can demonstrate all the tasks, it should pass.

    Kind regards,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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